Top 10 Must-Have Apps for macOS

In this guide, we’ll cover the Top 10 Must-Have Apps for macOS

If you’re a macOS user, you know that there are thousands of apps available for download on the Mac App Store. But which ones are worth your time and money? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-have apps for macOS.

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1Password is a password manager that keeps all of your login credentials, credit card information, and other sensitive data secure in one place. It also generates strong passwords for you and syncs across all of your devices.


Alfred is a productivity app that allows you to search your Mac and the web with just a few keystrokes. You can also use it to launch apps, create custom workflows, and more.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a powerful app that cleans up your Mac’s system and removes unnecessary files, making your Mac run faster and more efficiently. It also includes a malware scanner and optimization tools.


Amphetamine is a simple app that prevents your Mac from going to sleep, dimming the screen, or starting the screensaver. This is useful if you need to keep your Mac awake while you’re working on a project or watching a movie.


Magnet is a window manager that allows you to snap windows to the sides or corners of your screen, making it easier to multitask and organize your workspace.


Poc00 ket is a read-it-later app that allows you to save articles, videos, and other content to read later. It syncs across all of your devices, so you can read your saved content on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to store and share files online. You can sync your files across all of your devices, collaborate with others, and access your files from anywhere.


Bartender is a menu bar management app that allows you to hide menu bar items that you don’t use frequently, making your menu bar less cluttered and easier to navigate.


Fantastical is a calendar app that allows you to manage your schedule and events more efficiently. It includes natural language parsing, so you can enter events in plain English and it will automatically create the event for you.


VLC is a media player that can play almost any type of video or audio file. It also includes features like subtitle support, playback speed control, and more.


Above 10 must-have apps for macOS will help you stay organized, be more productive, and keep your Mac running smoothly.

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