Resolving Blue Screen errors in Windows

In this segment we are going to show you how you can resolve the “Blue Screen of Death issue from your computer permanently”.

Software required:

STEP-1: Disabling Automatic restart

As our system shows Blue Screen of Death every time it restart. We will use the below fix to tackle this problem. After that we will move to step-2 and check how we can read the error code.

  •  First of all we need to open the “system property.
  • Use keyboard shortcut Windows + Pause/Break. or right click on “This PC” then select property from the bottom.

Blue Screen of Death

  •  Now we need to select “Advanced system settings” and proceed further by clicking settings from “Startup and Recovery“.
  • Then we need to unchecked the “Automatically restart“.

STEP-2: Reading DUMP file

In this step we are going to download and install the above software from the above link.

  •  This software will automatically scan the system for DUMP file and show you the below results.

  •  Now, we can easily read these dumps by double click on them and it will show the same bluescreen to us as we saw when our system got restarted.

STEP-3: Looking for solutions

Now the hard part, As we got the error code we can use it to find the solution for our issue. For example in our case the code is 0x100000d1.

  •  We need to copy the code and search on any of the available search engine and look for the results from Microsoft website.
  •  For Example : Once we search for the error code we got the same issue on Microsoft website with solution.


In conclusion

  •  You will find your resolution on Microsoft website if you have the correct code. Feel free to share any suggestion regarding this post.

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