Raspberry Pi 3 B Introduction & Specification

In this segment, we are going to check “Raspberry Pi 3 B Introduction & Specification”

Raspberry Pi 3 B Specification

The upgraded feature of the Raspberry Pi 3 is the built-in WiFi and Blue-tooth, but it doesn’t stop there.
Here are the complete specs for the Pi 3:


SoC Broadcom BCM2837 (roughly 50% faster than the Pi 2)
CPU 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A53 (ARMv8 Instruction Set)
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV @ 400 MHz
Memory 1 GB LPDDR2-900 SDRAM
USB ports 4
Network 10/100 MBPS Ethernet, 802.11n Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.0.



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