Something went wrong error code: 80090034

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to fix the common error “Something went wrong Error code: 80090034

Something went wrong Error code: 80090034

This error usually comes when we set up a new pc in a company environment or say in a domain environment and set up a user outlook account. Then we might encounter this error message.

Why we got this Error code: 80090034 message

This error usually occurs because windows are not able to establish a trust relationship between your company domain.

To fix this issue we have two methods in the first method we need to disconnect our company account and in the second method, we need to make some changes to our system registry file.

Method -1

Disconnect User Account

In this method, we need to open windows settings and open Accounts.

  • Windows Key + I – Shortcut to open windows settings.

Once the account settings open we need to disconnect the existing account as shown in the picture below from Access work or school.

  • After the account got disconnected then try to log in again with your credentials.

Method -2

Registry Fix

Note: Before making any changes, we recommend taking your system registry backup. So, we can revert to our original settings in case of any issue.

How to take registry backup

  • Open registry using the command line “Regedit”. Hold the windows key then press R to open the RUN box after that type “Regedit” and hit the enter key.

  • Once the registry application is open you need to click on File the select Export to backup the registry.

Let’s fix the Error code: 80090034

Note: Before making any changes, we need to quit all the office applications.


As we already on the registry application we need to navigate onto the below path

“HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft >Office > 16.0 >Common > Identity”

Inside “Identity”, create a new REG_DWORD (Type) value called “EnableADAL” (Name) and leave the value at “0” (Data)

Note: Right Click on the mouse> Click New> DWORD (32 bit) value.

Once the change is saved successfully you can Restart your PC and open any Office application to sign with an Office account to activate applications.

If the above method fails and you are not able to activate the application. In that case, use the next method to solve the problem.


In this method navigate to the below path


Once we are here, look for the value “ProtectionPolicy” if available change its value to “1″.

Otherwise Right Click on the mouse> Click New> DWORD (32 bit) value change its name to “ProtectionPolicy” and make its value “1”.

Now, restart the computer and try to activate your office application.

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