Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB version Launched today – Go get it

Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB version Launched – Go Get It Today

Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB version launched its newer board today or we can say that they upgraded the old one to double the size of ram from the previous generation.

Raspberry Pi

You can get you Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB variant from the official website: Raspberrpi.org

It will cost you around $75.00.

Things you need to know

Raspberry Pi guys upgraded the ram of the board only and leave other things as it is.


Program Availability

    • When you have more ram installed in your system you can easily open more programs without any kind of lag in the system.

Faster processing

    • You will see a drastic change in program performance and the way the program reacts when you open and close it.

Faster Browsing

    • You will also see a great change while using the internet and move between different tabs. Video processing and online program behavior will also change with the availability of more ram.

Network Enhancement

    • Computers connected to a network can observe a boost in network capabilities after a RAM upgrade. This extends to networks sharing a printer. People that print a lot of items, especially items with graphics, can look to a memory upgrade to make printing faster.

Better Gaming

    • Games will also look really better and work seamlessly with the ram upgrade. Now you have spare memory that can take care of game performance.

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