Raspbian OS changes to Raspberry Pi OS from now Onwards

Raspberry Pi OS

Raspbian OS is the base for PI for the start, now with the update of Raspberry pi 4 8 GB board, we have a brand new OS i.e Raspberry Pi OS.

Raspbian became Raspberry Pi OS

New things introduced to the new OS


  • With the help of a new Bookshelf application. Now, you can directly download and read all the Raspberry pi Magazines on your Pi.
  • This application contained all the previously released magazines from raspberry pi and it will be updated by them accordingly.



  • One of my favorite applications is Magnifier and a really helpful tool for old age people. They really need a magnifier for their daily computer usage.
  • With the help of this tiny tool now you can gift Pi to your parents, who are really fed of bulky machines and viruses issue on operating system.

magnifyingHDMI & AV output

In the previous builds, we have only one option for sound now it is divided into two separate parts i.e. HDMI and AV output. So, we can easily control our volume for each device separately.

Update your Old OS to New

The upgrade process is really simple you just need to type two commands as mentioned below.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

In conclusion

Now, we have an updated board with 8 GB ram and a brand new OS that supports the latest requirement of new Raspberry Pi.

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