How to Connect with Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell | Exchange 365

In this video we are going to show you how to connect Exchange 365 Online using “Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell Module

Exchange Online

What is Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell Module?

The Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module (abbreviated as the EXO V2 module) uses modern authentication and works with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for connecting to all Exchange-related PowerShell environments in Microsoft 365: Exchange Online PowerShell, Security & Compliance PowerShell, and standalone Exchange Online Protection (EOP) PowerShell.

Microsoft Link:

Checkout article related to below topic: About the Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module | Microsoft Docs

Other Method:

Use the below command to connect Exchange Online.

  • Connect-EXOPSSession

In case of below error message, we need to make changes to the below registry entry.

What is WinRM?

It stands for “Windows Remote management” in our system. WinRM can be made from its name as it says management of devices and servers linked to Windows in the system. WinRM is built in remote management protocol and also uses SOAP protocol so that the interface of this application is made to interact with the remote servers and devices that uses Windows. Also, it interacts with the Windows applications and Operating systems in the device.

The in-built command line tools help in communicating with the hosts through any channels or ports that is in the system. Also, the communication happens through workstations, servers or any operating system that uses WinRM. If the remote systems or servers’ network is accessible, WinRM can be used to run commands and to control the devices. All the servers can be monitored or managed or even configured using WinRM.

We need to open registry editor using below command in run box.

  • AllowBasic
  • AllowUnencryptedTraffic
  • Change start value to 1

Once you made the above changes you will be able to connect with “Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell Module”

In conclusion

  • WinRM client is required to connect with remote services.
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