Windows 10 optimization to reduce CPU and Disk usage in 2020

In this segment, we are going to discuss “Windows 10 optimization to reduce CPU and Disk usage in 2020

The first step you need to follow for any operating system is to set on the latest updates.

Once the operating system is up to date then we can go ahead and disable windows 10 updates. As we all know that we can’t able to disable windows 10 updates from the operating system itself.


The windows updates are the most important culprit that keeps on running in the background. First, we need to update the system to the latest updates and then we need to disable all the updates.

So, we will go ahead and use a third-party tool to disable updates i.e free and easy to use software that can easily disable windows 10 updates.

Download Link: Windows Update Blocker


What is Msconfig?

  • It is known as the System Configuration Utility introduced with Windows 98 and available in all later versions of Windows. We can use this utility to make changes in system startup and other useful configurations.

How to open Msconfig?

Step 1:
  • Windows Key + R.  
  • Right-click on Windows icon then click on Run.

How does BOOT option work?

By enabling the maximum number of processor we can ensure that our system resource is utilized properly and we can also see a significant change in system speed.

After that press OK and then Apply the settings and press OK again. Immediately the system will ask you to reboot the computer.  please follow the computer instructions and reboot the machine.


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So, to speed up the system after opening Msconfig we need to navigate on to Boot after that we need to select Advanced options.

Now it will bring “BOOT Advanced Options“, here we need to put a check on the number of processors, and then we need to select the maximum number of processors from the drop-down list.


What is Indexing?

  • It is a data structure technique that allows you to quickly retrieve records from a database file.

Because of indexing, the disk is always running on 100%. So, to reduce the disk usage we need to disable indexing on our drives. As most of the OEM systems have only one drive.

We can disable that on the system drive but you can also do it on all other drives in your PC.


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We need to follow these steps to disable indexing.

  • Open This PC right-click on your C: Drive then click on properties. After that, we need to uncheck:

Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties“.

  • Once the option is unchecked we need to click on apply and then leave the second option checked i.e.

Apply changes to drive C:\, subfolders and files“.


What are Privacy Settings in windows?

  • Privacy settings allow Microsoft to collect user information from our daily usages through windows reportings. we can choose how much information we want to share with Microsoft by changing our privacy settings.

These settings are very much important for Microsoft to track our daily activities on the windows operating system. Because of these settings windows can push ads according to our browsing history and local searches.

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What are the Backgroud apps?

  • The background apps keep running in the background and take space on RAM as well as use our CPU every time. These apps will always run in the background even if they are not open or not in use.

So, to resolve the high CPU and RAM usage issue we need to disable all the background apps. Because we don’t need them to run in the background and consume our resources.

If you want to enable any app that you want to run in the background you can do it separately.


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DEBLOATING WINDOWS – by Chris Titus Tech

This script is really good to remove all the bloatware from windows 10. You can also visit the official page from the below-given link.

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))
  • To run this script we need to right-click on the windows icon and click on  Windows PowerShell(Admin) and paste the above command in PowerShell then Enter.

What this script does

  • Installs Chocolatey, Notepad++, Irfanview, VLC, Java, and asks if you want Adobe Reader or Brave.
  • Removes all Windows Store Apps EXCEPT office, Xbox, and WSL.
  • Removed Telemetry
  • Disables Cortana
  • Deletes various scheduled tasks that re-bloat the system
  • Removes Other Bloatware (Candy Crush, etc.)
  • Fixes problems that other scripts cause (lock screen and personalization options restricted)

Restore Scripts

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

In conclusion

All the above steps will significantly improve your system performance but you need to run all these steps again after 6 months. Because whenever Microsoft pushes a major update to windows all these changes will revert to default settings.

Harish Kumar

As a founder of the PcMac YouTube channel and website, Our goal is to provide Free Technical help to people and spread knowledge to everyone.
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