Mac OS X : Reset Safari Without Opening

In this segment we are going to "Reset Safari Web Browser Without Opening"

Step 1 : Close all Open Applications

  • Navigate to Apple Icon from Top Left Corner. Click on Apple Icon and then click on Force Quit.
  • After that Force Quit all the open Applications except Finder.
  • Step 2 : Open ~/Library

  • Now, Click Go Select Go to folder Type: ~/Library. Then Hit Enter
  • Look for Cookies, Cache and Safari. Select them all and Move to Trash.
  • Navigate to Folder Saved Application State. Search for and Move to Trash.
  • Then Close the window.
  • Step 3 : Open Terminal

  • Now, Open Terminal.
  • Copy and Paste all these commands at once in Terminal.

  • These commands will fully wipe out all of your old Safari settings.
    Restart the Mac and Open Safari again.
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