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  • Installation

  • Computer is empty without a software installaed on to it. We here at PcMac provide you flexibility to install any software on your pc without any hassel.

    We at PcMac, set-up and install these software for you.

    Windows Installation
    Antivirus Installation
    Microsoft Office Installation
    Accounting Software Installation
    DVD Burning Software Installation
    System Software Installation

  • Key features & Benefits

    •  Install wired or wireless printer/ scanner/ smart-phone or digital camera software

    •  Step-by-step directions to connect the device to your computer

    •  Assure that your device is working properly

    •  Troubleshoot and resolve existing network problems

    •  Setup and connect a wireless router to one computer and two peripheral devices

    •  Setup and configure wireless security, firewall, and disabled SSID broadcast

    •  Enable file and printer sharing

    •  Broadband error codes & trouble shooting

    •  DSL or cable modem failure

    •  Setting-up & configuring Windows firewall

    •  Internet Explorer troubleshooting & web browsing problems

    •  Router configuration

    •  Fix Error 678 or Error 769 while connecting to the internet

    •  How to solve ‘ Page cannot be displayed′ error

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