In this segment we are going to "Install NAS Server on RaspberryPi using DietPi"

What is DietPi ?

DietPi is extremely lightweight operating system, start at 400MB in size (3x lighter than 'Raspbian Lite'). With features of low process/memory footprint and DietPi-RAMlog installed by default, DietPi allows you to get the maximum performance from your device.

Equipment Required :
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +
    Micro SD Card "Minimum 4 GB"
    Power Supply
    Ethernet Cord for LAN Connection
    External Hard Drive or USB Drive
Optional :
    Raspberry Pi Case
> Installing DietPi NAS Server [SAMBA]
  • Logging to SSH : For First Time
  •       - Default Username : root
          - Default Password : dietpi

  • Once, we connected to the DietPi then it require us to change the
          Root Password and Unix Password.
          I recommend you to put same password on both places.
  • After you logged in to DietPi, then you need to type a command to access the dietpi-software.
  • This command will open the DietPi Luncher, for us and from here we need to select Software Optimized and press OK.

  • Now, we need to navigate to Samba : Feature-rich FIle Server and press Spacebar to select it and press ok or Enter from the Keyboard.

  • Now, we need to navigate to Install and press OK. After that installation will take around 5-10 min to complete setup.

  • Once the setup complete the system will reboot to finalize the settings and you are ready to use your DietPi Samba Server Image.
> Accessing NAS Server
  • You need to open the run box and type your Raspberry pi Ip address
  • Address = \\Your Raspberry Pi IP Address or \\dietpi\dietpi
       In my case \\
  •       - Default Username : dietpi
          - Default Password : dietpi
> Change Samba password
  • smbpasswd -a dietpi
Now, You are ready to use DietPi on your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus as NAS Server. In future we are going to install other packages and check their working on DietPi. Enjoy using it and share your thoughts.
Smile ("_")