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Who We Are

    PcMac is a privately held, IT Services company which provides "Free Technical Assistance" to clients, worldwide on all Leading Social Media Platform's.

Why us?

    PcMac loves to resolve Technical problems inspite being charging customer, we run our services through crowdfunding.

Our Values

    PcMac is focused on delivering effective remote technology support solutions to its clients; solutions that are designed to meet their specific needs. We want not only to be "the best in industry" but we want also to redefine the way the industry works, is perceived and trusted. We believe our business formula will help us attain unparalleled excellence.

People Matter

    What matters most to us, is to provide best available solution to people for Free. At PcMac, we belive in sharing best information to everyone who needs it without spending money.

Principles Matter

    One of our greatest strengths is that we conform to principles and uphold integrity. We understand that it takes years to build a reputation and only a moment to destroy it. We strive to do the right thing, always.

~~Help us so we can help others~~

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