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  • Quick Diagnostic

  • In life, there is no free lunch, but we, at PcMac feel differently. Call us now and get your computer analyzed for free, by our experts. We offer personalized service & a one-on-one session to diagnose and understand your computer related issues. Remember, this is just a limited time offer.

  • Tune Up

  • IMAGINE yourself at a gas station. There are 3 employees waiting on you. The first one starts cleaning your windscreen; the second one is filling your gas and then starts cleaning your other windows. The third, however, asks for your ashtray, takes it, empties it in a bin, fills it with air freshener and returns it. Then he quickly cleans your floor mats. Once you're done, he asks you which way you'd like to exit from. Based on your answer, he stops traffic for you.

    We do exactly the same for you and your PC, at PcMac.
    A mere Tune Up without giving you a long-term resolution is not how we operate.
    We ensure things stay tuned up for you and your PC. Just another PcMac advantage!

  • Pro Cures & Repairs

  • The 'Holistic Healing' approach followed by our professionals, allows us to provide the best resolution for any issue. Our 'Modern & Alternate medicine' techniques for your equipment provide a complete cure for your PC & other devices.

  • Key features & Benefits

    •  Diagnose and repair a computer that is not performing the way it is meant to

    •  Configure your security software and settings, including anti-virus/anti-spyware and firewall

    •  Adjust key settings to improve data processing

    •  Repair driver conflicts

    •  Set up file and print sharing over an existing network, including sharing of data over a shared network and configuring network printers

    •  Install the latest patches and updates for your operating system

    •  Verify major programs launch and run correctly

    •  Optimize key settings to enhance performance

    •  Remove unnecessary programs that slow down your computer

    •  Configure Windows to install the latest operating system updates automatically

    •  Schedule disk defragmentation to run automatically

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